Backlink Checker Review

This will be the start posting of a series of Backlink Checker Reviews. Today I want to open this series with a quiet new product on the market called SEO Backlink Finder. It has an integrated Backlink Checker. This Backlink checker can be used with 2 options: Fast Backlink scan and deep backlink scan.
Best of all is the integrated proxy harvester. This means you can harvest and validate free of charge proxies to hide your IP to the search engines. So you can also execute bulk backlink queries. How cool is that?
But the best is, that after you have the backlinks you can analyze the backlinks by many criterias. For example you could check the backlink status or the anchor text. You you need to know the PageRank of the Url or the MozRank or the website age. No problem with SEO Backlink Finder, and its fast because they use multiple threads to get the work done.
Further modules are:
Google Scraper
Exealead Scraper
Bing Scraper
Ask Scraper
Blekko Scraper
Keyword Scrapers